Monday, March 12, 2007

Pretty much NO blogging ahead

I'm off to go skydiving. Two solid weeks falling out of "perfectly good" airplanes in the Arizona desert. It's a Spring Break ritual. Dawn to dusk. Five to ten skydives a day, depending on what, exactly, I'm doing. Tandems, video, 4-way training for rookies, you name it. I'll barely be able to walk after the first couple of days, and I'll be in absolute bliss. Even if I do need help tieing my own shoelaces.

Among the jumps will be one into a spring training game in Phoenix and another into Earth Day at the race track in Phoenix. I should be as proficient as I get when I jump into the Preakness in Baltimore in May and a Memorial Day celebration in Oregon. It's been a long winter!!

But any internet access in Arizona will be dial-up. Don't look for me to be posting much.

I'll pick up again in April. I wish you all . . . all three or four of you :-) a wonderful spring break! I'll be racking up the numbers on my way to shedding my "triple-digit-midget" moniker. 733 and counting.

Blue skies,