Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Live First, Then Write About It

Life has been busy!

Saturday night at a Loreena McKennitt concert as part of her Ancient Muse Tour. What a beautiful artist and person! And what an incredible group of musicians. If you're anywhere near one her upcoming perfomances, go!

Sunday at a friend's neighborhood Oktoberfest, where I spent an hour or so in a great conversation with one of the neighbors and learned near the end of that conversation that his brother is the bassist for Rage Against the Machine. I think he was genuinely surprised when I said, "No kidding! They have a great track on the soundtrack from The Matrix." (Hands down, btw, the best sci-fi film of the 20th century. Period. And yes, I've seen all the classics I'm probably going to hear about in comments. Bring it.) That event closed off with about five of us standing in a circle and smoking cigars.

Monday was devoted to a 208-mile ride through the mountains with eight squadron mates. I sold my KZ-900 years ago, but you can rent Harleys, and it was worth every penny. The weather was as perfect as the company.

All in all, I don't feel all that bad for not getting around to the blog over the weekend. You gotta have a life if you're gonna have anything to write about.