Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting to Know Me

It occurred to me this morning, that when I give out this blog address as a good way to learn a little more about me, I may not necessarily be doing a good thing. Few blogs are more eclectic than this. A movie, book, wine, cigar, or restaurant review one day, personal narrative another, straight up ponderings on life, death, and politics on another. And then, some days, like yesterday, just something thrown in there because one of my readers gave me a hard time for being silent for over a week (connectivity was as short as time while shepherding a skydiving team to an invitational meet halfway across the country and spending every available evening with my off-to-a-nearby-college daughter). There's also the pseudo-anonymity of a pseudonym made necessary by my official position elsewhere. I strive to keep my posting appropriate enough that no lines are crossed, but even so . . .

All that said, I'm contemplating adding a box to the right margin that will collect the more introspective posts that I believe reveal something of the character of their author. Until I have time to do so, however, here's a short list of some I think belong there. If you're a regular reader and think there are obvious choices I've left off, please send me an e-mail or comment, and thanks for hanging in there. Doc

That's a fair start.