Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flu Sucks!

Apologies to all for my extended absence.

Last Saturday, I finally got out of bed at 7:30. . . . p.m. I took a shower, put on fresh PJ's and got horizontal again. Sunday was only a little different.

This week I've worked, but I've canceled a hunting trip this weekend--really I canceled a long overdue visit with a friend. The birds wouldn't have minded my cough, but I haven't been able to talk above a whisper for two days now and when I cough I sound like I belong in a sanatorium, so it seemed best not to inflict the worst flu I've had, probably in my life, on my friend and his family without at least the benefit of some occasional wit to make it worthwhile. Whatever it is has already infected my entire office staff, so whether I started it or was just the first to fully feel its effects, we know it's highly contagious.

I also canceled a trip to CA this week to take a canopy flight course with the man who set the world's record for landing the world's smallest canopy, Luigi Cani. When I say the flu sucks, I mean it.

I'll be back up and writing shortly, but in the meantime, I simply wanted to say, I am alive, but any rumors of my demise weren't exaggerated by much this time.