Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Job in the World

If you don't know about this contest, you can learn about it here.

I'm not applying for the job. But I have at least one friend who has. The video below is from the wife of a skydiving bud. I shouldn't be surprised. Boo and Renee host a pig roast every year that as many of us as can make it jump into. They've also mastered the art of getting their Christmas tree decorated without the hassle of doing it themselves: they put up the tree, put out the decorations, and then host a party. You're simply obligated to hang at least one ornament when you arrive.

I'm not surprised by the video job app below; it's really just one more line on a resume filled with class acts. You can view it through the YouTube link below, or you can see it at the job site and give it a rating. Enjoy.