Sunday, January 14, 2007

Purely physical prayers.

In the "How's that again?" category, last weekend our local fishwrapper, The Gazette, ran an article on a new Christian-acceptable version of yoga, called "Praise Moves." Now, my spouse is a certified yoga instructor and takes great pains to insure that her classes not offend any religion, for she has students that run the gamut. Yoga, per se, is not a "religion," but I can understand why some fundamentalist churches are frightened by it. So I don't mind that they feel a need to set up and advertise classes for Christians that are hyper-sensitive to the spiritual aspects of such a practice. But tell me, am I the only one that notices a conflict between the closing two sentences in the following quote:

Second Baptist’s fitness center in west Houston offers 'flexible strength' classes as an alternative. Teachers make sure that it’s understood the class is purely physical, he said. Bible passages and prayers are generally used.

Run that by me one more time.