Saturday, December 8, 2007

Memory Lane (Someone Else's)

I go away . . . . but I do come back. If there were a clinic or a 12-step program for what I had, I would have checked myself in. But some s*** you just have to live through. Collecting material for an autobiography titled, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, is never easy, and it had better be a hell of a lot more fun to read about than live through or it's gonna be a real short run.

Anyway, part of re-entering the real world is getting back in touch with the digital one. Hmmm. Actually, I've been distracted by a digital one, but this digital one was definitely on the other side of the looking glass. In catching up with those who live in this one, I found I was late noticing a pointer from one of the best friends I've never met to a story by another I can't even call friend, yet, but for whom "fellow traveler" doesn't seem a stretch.

Out here in the "blogosphere," you occasionally run into a post with value for what it says. You occasionally run into one with value for how it says what it says. Rarely, some kind soul points the way to one that has value on both levels. I owe Chap a debt of gratitude for pointing the way to this Nov 27th post over at Neptunus Lex. If you're from the South and over, say, 40, it's worth the read for what it has to say. If you're someone of any age moved by well-above-average skill with the language, it's worth the read for how it says it. If you're in both categories, pour yourself a cup of coffee, set aside five minutes, and read. Don't read the way you might normally skim one of several blogs you'll peruse during your day. Read slowly, the way you might savor a good single-malt scotch and a fine, easy-drawing, maduro cigar. Take your time. You won't regret it.