Saturday, July 12, 2008

It Seemed Like a Good Idea

I could spend time coming up with something new, but I'll just use Buck's tagging of me the other day to reiterate that, yes, there really is an autobiography (of sorts) in progress, and yes, it should be damned funny. Most of the major events in my life either call for tears or laughter, and sometimes both, and whenever there's a toss up, I try to opt for the laughter.

With that in mind, here are the rules of the meme sent my way.

1 – Write the title to your own memoir using exactly six words.

2 – Post it on your blog.

3 – Link to the person who tagged you.

4 – Tag five other bloggers.
So, as one possibility, the title of today's post is a shortened version of what's already the working title: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. If I had to come up with a new one though, in just six words, I'd be most likely to pilfer the working title of the work we joke about around the office, but which, for obvious reasons, I'll never be able to actually write: You Can't Make This Shit Up! I suspect publishers might have an issue with such a scatological title, but as a working option, it has the virtue of consoling us on a daily basis. ;-)

As for whom I might tag, Buck's already hit Jay, but I'd be interested to hear from Barry, Chap, and Phil on this one. Or not. I usually opt out of these sorts of viral things, so I'm just throwing it out there in case they've got time on their hands.