Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New in the Blogroll for 2008

There's never enough time to read. That's why I've added a few more blogs to the relatively short list that I visit on a regular basis. And now you understand what I mean when I say that math is not my forte.

Almost always, blog reading is viral. A blog you like points out something they like, you visit and become a regular reader. If they become habit forming, I add them to the blogroll. But my doing so doesn't necessarily mean that you'll even notice them. So, a brief introduction seems in order. Here's what's relatively new in my blogroll for 2008, and why I find them worthwhile:

  • Exile in Portales: Buck's retired military, and every now and then waxes poetic about his topics. I like to be there when he does.
  • Neptunus Lex: Navy flyer stationed in sunny SoCal as far as I can tell, but a good southern boy unless I'm confused. Prolific and talented with words. Clearly spends most of his days getting paid by Uncle Sam, but writing his blog. Either that or he has no life at home. ;-) Chap introduced me to this one with a particularly good post about southern stuff.
  • I'm still getting to know Jay over at The Extended Table, but it's been enjoyable so far.
  • The old standbys: Enrevanche, Chapomatic, & The Archer Pelican have been daily reads since the beginning.
The point is, just because I don't always mention them here, don't think the names are up there just for some mutual backscratching. Like the subtitle proclaims. They're worth visiting.

Happy New Year to all!