Thursday, January 31, 2008

War, Literature & the Arts

I think I'm back. Still burning the candle at both ends, but maybe the torch has pulled away from the center.

Today, I want to invite those of you who might be interested in the peculiar conjunction suggested by the title of this post to visit another blog and the journal it serves. This post's title is italicized because it's also the title of a peer-reviewed "International Journal of the Humanities," published by the Department of English & Fine Arts at the USAF Academy. The journal itself, WLA for short, celebrated its 15th anniversary just as I was returning to the faculty (which I have since departed) almost four years ago.

Several weeks ago, the journal's webmaster approached me about creating and editing a blog that would complement the journal. On Monday, just over a week ago, that blog went public. I don't think finding material appropriate to such a venue is going to be a problem. Finding the time to post it may be another matter.

At any rate, feel free to drop in sometime and see what it's all about.