Friday, January 11, 2008

The Wire

And, of course, The Wire is the Best. TV. Show. Ever.
A quick post tonight then off to catch up on some zzzz's with a prayer for good weather in the morning. (I've not hung suspended between earth and a little zero-porosity fabric since November and it's starting to show in my disposition.)

So, just a quick nod to a show I've not seen the first episode of yet. But I'm a great believer in word of mouth, from movies to books to blogs to TV. Deadwood I stumbled into on my own and then went proselytizing. The Wire, on the other hand, I'll begin shortly, because like Once, it comes highly recommended by men whose taste I've learned to trust.

That said, I invite you to peruse two posts over at Enrevanche. There is this one, from which the epigraph above is taken. And, if, like me, you will be new to The Wire this season, there is a brilliant four minute summary of the first four seasons to be had here.

So, now that Barry has done the hard work, and I've pointed you in the right direction. I'm off to bed.