Sunday, March 9, 2008

3 Doors Down, "When I'm Gone"

Friend Jay over at The Extended Table posted a sort of playlist, not of songs, but of bands. "Southern Fried," he called it. I intend to use it to put together my own radio station on Yahoo Music, for those days I need a trip home and don't quite have the time to get on a plane for the weekend. I am happy to say though, that I'll be on such a plane in late May, flying back to then drive back across to CO with my daughter who's in school on the coast.

But we won't be hitting the road until after the James Taylor concert at Walnut Creek (which number one daughter was willing to hang around in NC an extra two weeks for--I ask you, did I raise her right, or what?) The tickets are already in the study firebox.

I learned something from Jay's post though. I'm a fan of 3 Doors Down, but not enough to have known they were a "southern" band. Piper's list, btw, is a series of links to vids on YouTube. Something to work your way through on one of those evenings you really don't feel like doing anything other than donning the headphones and nursing a couple fingers of Russell's Reserve, neat.

On the whole list though, Piper singles out one vid for special notice. You'll understand why I'll do the same here.

Hat tip: Jay