Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Milestone: Jump #900

This particular aging airframe was happy to hear from a flight surgeon a couple weeks ago, "You have the vital signs of a teenager." Part of the reason may be having a hobby that keeps me enthusiastic about life. And in regard to that hobby, yesterday afternoon, in the company of four other enthusiasts, I made jump number 900. To say we had a blast doesn't scratch the surface.

The good news from the Arizona desert is that uplinking through my Treo works like a charm. The bad news is that after making nine skydives in a day, I have just enough energy left to shower, eat, and fall asleep before 9:00 p.m. And, because the nylon flashing on the rig slides under my nails a few times every pack job, typing is now a rather torturous activity.

Nonetheless, I wanted to say hello. An old friend has been busily snapping photographs, and when I can catch up with him at the end of a day, I'll post a few.

Until then, blue skies to all. Doc.