Monday, March 3, 2008

A Little More on Entitlement

The best posts, in my mind at least, are the ones that generate discussion and comment. And sometimes, something from the comments box needs to be pulled out and posted for all to see. From Phil last night, (who has me scratching my head a little because he's commenting but not back to posting yet after his visit to the Emerald City--then I remember that was me for the last couple weeks) comes a good companion to the Troy Dunn piece. This one is from the Washington Post, and expands on that sense of entitlement that thinks want = get.

"You have people screaming at customer representatives at airports because it's snowing out -- as if they're entitled to have a sunny day," says professor W. Keith Campbell, who specializes in the study of narcissism at the University of Georgia. "That's where it gets out of hand. With entitlement, the issue is, yeah, there are certain times where we're entitled and other times we're not. The problem is when we have that meter wrong."
Read the article here.

Hat tip: Phil