Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bulldog Basketball

The Bulldogs won again last night.

With the victory, the Bulldogs improve to 20-11 on the season and 15-5 in conference play. Ed Conroy, one of 10 finalist for the Hugh Durham National Coach of the Year award, led his team to the school’s second 20-win season. Les Robinson led his 1979 team to the program’s first 20-win season. With 20 wins, the Bulldogs have become one of the most successful teams in school history.
As I read the recap of last night's game--which earned the Citadel team the number two seed in the Southern Conference tournament--I noticed that three of the seven players mentioned by name are my students. So are another four on the roster. That means that, in all, more than a third of the Citadel men's basketball players are my students. And they're good students to boot. Lucky me. Lucky Citadel. I'm already a fan of most of my students, but I may have to become a basketball fan too.