Monday, March 16, 2009

Where am I?

I will need a GPS wristwatch to keep track of where I am for the next few weeks. Here's the sleep schedule I'm now beginning, offered to beg forgiveness in advance for light blogging:

  • Charleston, one night, with four happy college kids in a normally lonely dwelling
  • Cumming, Georgia, two nights
  • Charleston, one night
  • Houston, three nights
  • Charleston, one night
  • Cumming, one night
  • Colorado Springs, one to four nights, depending
  • Ouray, one, two, or no nights, depending, but looking less likely
  • Colorado Springs, one night, maybe
  • Cumming, one night, maybe two
  • Pittsburgh, one night
  • Cumming, one night
  • back to Charleston
I'll blog when I can. Forgive me if I don't.