Friday, March 20, 2009

Reruns: If It Works for the Networks

Then maybe I can make it work here.

If you remember Monday's post, and if you're keeping track, then you know I'm only on line 5 of a 13 line itinerary. And travel plans keep shifting. No rental cars available at Charleston Thursday (I failed to account for spring break), so I drove, yet again, from Atlanta in order to teach my classes Friday (in just a few hours actually)--after which, I'll drive back to Atlanta, so that I can fly to Colorado on Saturday. I'll need a break to recover from spring break.

A number of new readers have joined lately, so I thought I'd suggest a few older posts worth returning to, especially if you're still working on figuring out just what this "Doc" guy is really all about. One of these days, I'll put together a "Greatest Hits" list (read: my favorites, whether they were hits or not). Meanwhile, here are a few I'm not ashamed of.

If you're new to They Rode On and you're here because you like to read the more contemplative things I write, then any of those above you haven't seen yet should be worth your time. Enjoy.

How many more do I need for the book deal? ;-)